Our trail in the center of Osijek offers you pleasant entertainment and some adventurous challenges. It will be worth exploring the sculptures, monuments, various sights and details about the buildings along the way, because in this way you can solve the puzzles and by interpreting their secret messages continue on your way.

To complete the trail you don’t necessarily have to know how to walk on water, even if the map suggests it at first glance. On land, however, you will mostly need the walking ability, because today you will surely reach a healthy daily number of steps, you can mostly walk in pedestrian zones, but be sure to pay attention to traffic safety, because in Osijek the tram can appear in the strangest places...

If you happen to find yourself on the streets of the city at 12:00, you will be able to notice the cannon rumble, so you may want to ask the locals why they shoot a cannon from the tower every day?

  • 350 kn (45.0 EUR)
  • Zagreb, Croatia
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